Dear Fellow Members,

19 January, 2019

It is my great honour to be elected as the Chairman of the Energy Institute Hong Kong Branch (EIHK) for the term of 2019 - 2020. Under the excellent leadership of my predecessors (i.e Past Chairmen), it will be a great challenge for me to build on their achievements and bring further success to our Branch during my term of office.  I must emphasis that the targets highlighted by our Past Chairmen, could not have been so successfully realized  without the unfailing support of Past Committee Members, our Young Professional Network (YPN) and Helpers throughout the past term.

By taking a positive approach, we shall have an exciting and busy couple of years ahead of us where we will organize a wide range of activities including Technical Seminars and Workshops, Technical Visits, Technical Forums and Conferences as well as networking events culminating in our Annual Dinner.  We will continue to run our well supported energy related short courses which will be led by our Committee Members in the future. We are also looking to identify new opportunities to provide energy engineering and management training for both our growing Young Professional Members (YPN) and also for our existing membership. The new Committee Members have high degree of capability and share enthusiastic commitment to serve our membership. With our diversified expertise, I believe that the Committee can achieve significant success during my term of service.

In order to closely collaborate with other Professional Institutions, build the social standing of EIHK and be closer to the community, the Committee of EIHK has been building up effective networking and collaboration with local Government Authorities, Universities, Professional Institutions at local and international level as well as with Practicing Engineers in the engineering industry.

Your active participation in our upcoming activities not only gives us your valued support, but also enables you to share your views, comments and feedback to Committee Members to enable us to continuously improve on the quality of service we provide to our members.

I treasure the support and contributions from all Members and from the Committee of EIHK, and it is this, which will enable me to lead our Branch to reach new heights during my term of office.

Best Regards,

Ir K F Yee

Chairman (2019-2020)
Energy Institute (Hong Kong Branch)

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